Hey Beauties! So I haven't updated this in quite some time. I've missed my blog as much as you guys have! It took me a while to actually get my thoughts for this post together. It's been a trying couple of weeks...to say the least.
So Aaron and I have been having a bit of challenges. Nothing big really...all relationships have them. If you're relationship doesn't then someone is lying. Nothing in life in perfect, there are only perfect moments. As stated in previous posts Aaron and I have been in marriage counseling with a great pastor. He has really helped us get thing on the right track. Things weren't ever really on the wrong track, but lets just say we needed some divine intervention to bring things were they need to be before we make this huge step. Marriage is not about having a your dream wedding and waking up to the man of your dreams only. Marriage is about commitment, the commitments....to myself, my love, and to god. The counseling really bought that home for me. I've lived 25 wonderful years of getting exactly what I want when I want it. Welp, the harsh reality is...it's no longer what I want but what WE want. The thought alone takes some getting use to. It's not easy, we've been together almost 6 years and walking away probably has crossed our mind more than enough. Every time I start walking something makes me stay, even if I tried to forget I cant...So I know its mean to be, but we needed to make sure it's meant to last FOREVER.

I've learned so much during the 3 counseling sessions we have had. I've laughed, got mad and cried tears of joy. I say, I needed it...I needed it because we walked into that counseling session thinking "opposites attract" counseling is almost over and the truth is opposites don't attract we attract our reflection. Nobody want's their opposites really, they want a person that understand, and wants to do things that they like, a person that can fill in the blanks or fit where the pieces are missing. I also learned that my love for Aaron should be one that match the love god has for me. What I learned is...If love were like magnets and attracted it's opposites it would be too easy. It's hard to look at someone and see yourself, because then you see the good, the bad, and the great about not only them but about yourself. The beauty in all of this is WE can work on becoming a better US together.
I'm so thankful to have been provided guidance from a wonderful pastor. I can finally dance in our rain because I know that rain showers produce beautiful flowers. So while the last few weeks have been trying I see the light. Planning a wedding is more than a pretty white dress. Planning a wedding is also planning a life together. I'm happy to know that our life together may not be perfect but we have put the proper tools in place to always be able to keep our foundation of LOVE together. I'm excited for May 3, 2014....because my wedding will be everything that I dreamed of and a new life as one will begin.
-Signing Off

"Love Bears All Things Believes All Things Hopes All Things Love Never Fails"
1 Corinthians 13:7-8

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