I know! It's been far too long since I've updated my blog! My apologies for the neglect. I'm in a new more demanding position at work and the cake business is rolling so I've been super busy. No complaints....God is still good! So since the last update I've dress shopped, celebrated valentine's day, and I've met with the person in charge of decor! That's a lot right? I'm a girl on the move...I like to make things happen.
So I found my dress! Can you freaking believe it!? I'm still shocked. I never imagined myself in a wedding dress until February 2nd 2013, the day I fell in love with my dress. I had a wedding dress panel as I discussed in a previous blog. My panel consisted of My mother of course, My sister/maid of honor, my god mother/aunt Sandra, and my god mother Deda. I went to two locations Bella Rosa Bridal and Alfred Angelo Boutique. Let me start off by saying Bella Rosa has unquestionable service! I worked with Brittany who was absolutely awesome! This girl knew her stuff about wedding gowns and what would look great on me. I tried on about 10 gowns and it came down to the last two.  I left there and headed to Alfred Angelo where things went from awesome to horrible in a matter of seconds. I tried on about six dresses and every dress was horrible. Very cheap manufactured looking dresses. It just wasn't for me. No to mention the service that matched the quality of wedding apparel in the store. Horrible. I do not recommend this place to my worst enemies. After the horrendous experience I called back over to Bella Rosa and advised I would be purchasing the next to last dress I tried on named "Nelly"! It was over my budget but the dress was absolutely breath taking. From the lace to the tulle to the beading...breath taking. It was everything I said I didn't want on a dress but everything I needed to make my wedding complete. I went with a Kathy Ireland fitted A-line ivory dress. Yep you guessed it, I have a big train on my dress. Sounds princess like? Not at all...It's very vintage old Hollywood with a hint of sex appeal wrapped in a ball of CLASS. I'm actually drooling at the thought of it. I did try on some accessories with the dress that will give me two different looks from ceremony to reception with the same dress....I would love to share more but I definitely want you to be surprised come May 3rd, 2014! My dress is being made as we speak and will be ready at the end of August!

Valentine's day...That's just another day
for Aaron and myself. He gives me flowers at least once a month, he's always showering me with gifts and we have date night at least once a week. I love him not question in my mind. This year was a little different for us though. I typically go all out with his gift. Nothing big but it's usually
something he can use like a gift basked with a nice shirt and few of his
favorite things. This year I had to put brakes on my car so that was cut short because riding foreign is NO JOKE! My brakes were $900. I bought him a sweater and some polo gloves. He was pleased...as usual, with his easy going self. He bought my the typical vday stuff with my LV bandeau and a dinner date. It was light but it really gave me the opportunity to realize how much gifts don't matter when you're happy. Happiness is derived from within. I enjoyed tripping with him the entire weekend without all the other stuff.

Last but not least...I met with the lady in charge of my decor. I'm amped like my wedding is tomorrow. So as you know my theme is vintage chic! Man o man....She brought that thing to life. I took some pictures and she just put that thing into overdrive! the details are going to be breath taking. I'm actually incorporating every married couple in our families dead and alive with my theme. She is awesome. What I loved is, she is actually a florist so it was a one stop shop for decor and flowers! I really don't have much details to give because I gave her some pictures and she told me what we should do it flowed just like that. She gave me some tasks that I have to do between now and April 2014 that involve Antique shops and thrift stores. How freaking awesome! I cannot wait to begin my quest for these treasures. May 3rd 2014 Better get ready for me!
So, that's what I've been doing! Loving and living every moment of this wedding planning. This year and two months is about to roll around so fast. Next up is my first bridesmaids event. We will be meeting at my maid of honors house for wine and wedding talk. The letters have gone out and we will be discussing what to expect in the coming year for my wedding. From dresses, to exercises, to etiquette, to bachelorett! It's going down in March! That's all that I have for now....SeeYa!