So for 5 years I've worn a close cut. I love my hair this way and apparently so does the rest of the world. But have you ever seen a bald head bride?!? Me either... So I decided to embark on a hair growth journey. I'm not sure what looks I'm going for but its going to be different. A new me walking down the isle on my wedding date. My fiancé doesn't care either way he loves me, which is a great thing. If this new look doesn't cut it we always know my current look works. Soooo here we go, a new look for me starting now! Below are some wedding hair options for me. What do you think?
A successful marriage... Most people hear wedding and immediately ask questions about planning or get excited about how awesome the wedding is going to be. I'm extremely excited about my wedding but nothing excites me more than knowing I will be spending my life with my best friend. Successful marriage is very important in my family. My grandparents were married for just about 65 years, most of my aunts and uncles have been married for over 30 years and my parents have been married for 26 years. Yes, these marriages have experienced ups and downs but through it all remained. I pray for the same success for Aaron and I. I'm positive that we will be successful, we have been with each other at our lowest points and still remained. Not to mention, the foundation of our relationship is strong. That foundation is very important. In addition to our deeply rooted family we will also receive Christian marriage counseling. Counseling is necessary! I love my Sweets but we come from two totally different sides of the tracks and that will bring it all together for us. A lot of people have drifted away from marriage counseling, quite's necessary! That will settle issues about previous relationships, issues with your relationship, the things that you all do that grinds each others gears, your doubts and fears just to name a few. So to wrap this addition to Aaron and I having a jaw dropping wedding we will also have a jaw dropping marriage! I'm enjoying this planning process but I am also enjoying preparing to become a wife. The nurturing, the understanding, the cooking, the babies, the decorating, packing lunches, ironing uniforms, just catering to my man and my future marriage! I love doing those things!
My name...his rib. A constant reminder that I was created from his rib especially for him.
Welcome! As you know I'm engaged to be married to the love of my life! I'm so excited about being married, I decided to do a wedding blog. So here goes...I'll start by sharing our story of how we met. Aaron and I met in Virginia Center Commons mall. We knew each other from mutual friends in the past but never really spoke. We exchanged numbers on December 22, 2007 in front of Up Against the Wall clothing store. Later that night he called me by accident and we talked for hours. While we were talking Aaron became a victim of attemptedvrobbery and was shot in his back once. I had no clue, I thought his phone died, I was oblivious...I had no clue he had been shot. The next morning I received a call from the police for questioning, I was shocked and afraid! Later that afternoon I proceeded to visit him in the hospital and the rest is history....I never left his side! That's how we got to become best friends turned lovers....our wedding date is May 3rd 2014. Please stay tuned as we plan the wedding of the century.
Wedding planning is some what stressful but extremely fun at the same time. As everyone knows, I'm over the top, extra, extreme, all of that. I love big, gaudy, statement wow factor stuff. I love being stand out. I have to turn heads and grab attention at all you know the wedding will be all of the above. I picked a theme...vintage urban chic! Ha, I made that up. But vintage because back in the day glam, bling, patterns, and sass was pretty much all that you saw and I love that! Urban because when you think of urban you think trendsetter, fashion forward, out there, envelope pusher if you will and I love to push the envelope not to mention my babe is a city boy! Chic, that brings it all back in. When you think chic you think less is more but very trendy after all this is a wedding so it can't be but so over the top. So that's the wrap on my theme I made up. My wedding venue has been chosen already, I chose the historical Carpenter Theater in Richmond, Virginia. I went with this location because even without decorations my theme was immediately bought to life. It was recently remodeled and brought back to life and I love it! My wedding is an after five affair so guests will wear bowties and gowns. My decor will be all white everything. I went with all white because I'm having a spring wedding and white is so clean and spring like. My flowers will be a nice colorful mix to bring the decor back to life. Everything will be candlelit from the wedding to the reception. I want to set the mood and what better way than thru lighting! So there's a run down if how my wedding will look and feel. Any ideas of how I could bring my theme to life?! Please share, I'm open to every idea.