I'm a shoe freak. I live and breath shoes! The latest and the greatest is all I wear on my feet. I have not graduated to red bottoms yet but one day! I'm not a white shoe wearer so that's not an option for the wedding. Plus colored shoes are so daring and so me! I love the thought. You know the saying..."something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." We'll my something blue was going to be my shoes but that's so expected of me with my wedding colors being midnight white and black...but o well, I love the thought of tipping down the isle in blue shoes to my KING! But I don't want really high heels because I want to be comfy and I want to look up to him and short. Short is always cute! I hate to feel taller or even with him. So my mom says wear chuck taylors, Jordan's, Tom's....something kinda quirky that suit us. Eeeeehhhh sounds cute, but I need to be sexy and bride like this day. We will save fun for the reception and honey moon. I'm wearing heels, not high high heels like normal, but heels... At the wedding I'm thinking blue shoes but the reception I want party shoes. My shoes for both have to make a statement. My babe will probably get into some comfy fly sneakers at the wedding once I change into my sexy shoes. I def want some Giuseppe's or some Louboutin's to walk down th isle in. My needs may out weigh my wants, but you never know it could happen! I only plan on doing this once so I want everything that I want. What are your thoughts!? Any cute shoe ideas, email them to me AaronAshlieEvans2014@gmail.com!
The most! I'm known to typically always do the most. Why have one when you can have two? Big or small? I want BIG! That's me....but they want to know what I love the most about my Aaron. Well, what a hard question! I love everything about him. He's everything to me! He's cute charming, loving, funny, super cool, tough and did I mention SEXY. I love him. He gives me butterflies just like he did when I use to go visit him in the hospital when we first met. Very few things in life give me butterflies. I'm extremely hard to excite, but he excites me. Besides all that mushy stuff Aaron takes the time to put up with me. I'm like an apple, I put up a hard fight but I'm mushy on the inside. My hard shell is not easily broken. Most give up before getting to the mushy but Aaron didn't. He got right to the core. It's hard to find a man that accepts the flaws and all. I question why he loves me all the time, But I guess it is not for me to know. I only know why I love him! He's the best, that's why! Whenever I call he comes running. He is well known and respected in our city and I love that. When we started dating it shocked the world, but everyone loves us together. My mouth his attitude....we're like 2012 Bonnie and Clyde! He's what I imagined as happily ever after and forever. My big tough guy!
Silly me for not doing this post sooner! Aaron and I took engagement pictures about a month ago! It was a blast...from putting the outfits together to taking the actual pictures I loved every second of it. We chose our locations based on our relationship and wedding theme. The first location is our actual ceremony and reception venue, the historic Carpenter Theater in Richmond,Va. The second location was Shockoe Bottom in Richmond,Va. The Carpenter Theater was so kind to put our names on the marquee the day of our shoot. It was absolutely breath taking to see our names in lights in our home city. People were stopping, cheering and blowing the horn in aw of our photo shoot. Our outfits were perfect! I wore a coral convertible dress by designer MonifC with my navy and cream Jessica Simpson sandals all brought together by silver and white gold jewelery. Aaron wore khaki cargo shorts paired with a butter yellow Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. Later in the pictures we wore matching Chuck Taylor's and Ralph Lauren Polo hats paired with my jean vest. The more casual look we used for the pictured in Shockoe Bottom so that we could walk the streets freely and comfortably.
In many of the pictures I used props. The props I made myself! That was a lot of fun as well. The props are great additives especially since some of the pictures will be used for the save the dates. The props were also chosen based on the theme of our wedding and our relationship. The two quoted hearts, "&" symbol, movie clapper, and A's all brought our pictures to life!
That day we took over 300 shots in about 3 hours. The pictures were taken by my brother Lorenzo Carey of www.thedigitalscene.com. He did an awesome job of bringing our never ending story to life. My make up brows and lashes were done by makeup artist Brandy. Please follow her on instagram: @brandypagemua. There are many more pictures but too many to post on my blog. If you want to see anymore please email us at AaronAshlieEvans2014@gmail.com. I will gladly send the rest of the pictures. Bye!
Plus size bridal gowns have been a mess for years! The horror in thinking I would ever have to wear one of those things. Ugh! But after much research I'm finding the fashion gods have heard my prayers! The plus size bridal collections are going for hot mess to fab! It would be ideal for me to have the ideal body as I walk down the isle to give my had to my groom, but I've never had the ideal body. I'm not about to try and become something I'm not. I do intend in getting in shape and toning up but thts about it. I like my size 18/16 hips and apprently so does my husband to be! So I haven't tried on any gowns and I honestly don't plan on trying any on until January 2013. My wedding timeline says my dress should be purchased by May 2013 and hopefully it will be. I plan on searching high and low, state to state, boutique after boutique until I find the dress for me. The dress I have in my mind is a mix between fit and flair and mermaid. I don't want anything too tight because I have to dance the night away in that dress. I do not plan to change dresses on my wedding date. I do plan to change different accessories to take my dress from sacred to party in 2.5 seconds! For the wedding I love the arm coverings and capes. For the reception the coverings have to go though! U also was thinking blue shoes for the wedding pink shoes for the reception. Lol, I don't really know what I want to do yet. Something is in the pipeline. As of right now my top wedding designer choice is Bonny Bridal Unforgettable Collection. The dresses are plain and simple. I don't really want anything to crazy as far as a dress because my jewels and wedding itself will be extravagant enough. Check out some plus size wedding gowns and let me know what you think?!? Also let me in on those ideas of how to go from sacred wedding to party reception without changing dresses.
Not particularly my style but she looks pretty.
Very pretty
Love the organza bottom!
This lace cape is so pretty. Also ties in my urban vintage chic theme!
The perfect style dress for a night of dancing!
So as you should know I'm having an engagement party! Yup, I'm excited as usual. So the invites are out everyone is buzzing and excited. The questions have began rolling, "what do you wear to an engagement party?" "do I bring gifts to an engagement party?". Well....NO GIFTS at an engagement party. It's not for gifts it's a time for the two families to meet and become one for our special time. A card of congratulations or encouragements will suffice as the perfect gift. Everyone will have plenty of time to bring gifts. Now for these outfits! You know I'm addicted to the fresh! But a bit of etiquette in regards to receiving invitations the time of the event will always indicate the appropriate attire. This is no cookout so jeans are completely out of place along with sneakers. The party starts at 6:30pm so casual attire is appropriate. It is a dinner party. A nice pair of slacks and a sports jacket for the men is dinner party appropriate. For the ladies, this is the perfect "little black dress" event. I'm so excited! I've been toying with a few Monif c dresses for this event and I've also seen some nice dresses on bloomy's and saks. What I wear is of course a surprise...but it will be nice and classy. What do you have in mind to wear?!? Do share.
So I'm having an engagement party!!!! Everyone always says what's that? It's an opportunity prior to the wedding for both families to meet. That's it. Our families haven't ever really met so what better way?! It will be a dinner party, something simple. Just enough for everyone to meet and great. The invitations are here and on thier way! I'm so excited...I couldn't invite everyone so invited my Aunts and Uncles his Aunts and Uncles and the wedding party. Simple enough. Stay tuned a few things will be unfolded at the actual engagement party so get ready! I'm excited, this will mark the official wedding planning to begin from Oct 2012 -March 2014 a year and six months to create this jaw dropping wedding! Perfect!
Setting the tone at my wedding is extremely important to me. A wedding ceremony to me should be sacred. You can't expect people to respect the sacredness of your wedding if you don't ever set the tone. So for my ceremony I'm creating a sacred ambiance. As I've shared before the entire wedding will be dimly lit by candles. The candles set the tone for an evening wedding as well as a sacred wedding. Perfect! In addition to the lighting I will also have two specific types of music at my wedding to set the tone to match the ambiance. My sister suggested we use some sort of string instrument. I hadn't ever heard any sort of string instrument at a wedding but I'm open to ideas. I did some research and it sounds absolutely gorgeous! Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen or heard at a wedding. It will do exactly what I want it to do for my wedding ceremony. I'm having a harpist play at my wedding and a jazz pianist to assist my two soloist. Have you ever heard a harpist at a wedding? Absolutely breath taking. I tear up at the sound. When you have a moment please check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aur05rZW2-E&feature=youtube_gdata_player . I'm so glad my sister suggested this. It will bring a very different element to my wedding while still providing the traditional feel of a wedding. I'm so excited! Any suggestions, leave a comment or email us at: aaronashlieevans2014@gmail.com