As you can tell, I'm always up to something. My mind is like a solider and always working! So we're coming up on a year and five months to go. That's no freakin time for a huge wedding. In addition to getting toned and shedding pounds there's a lot more I have to do. I have a whole timeline of events for my bridesmaids just so they can come together and know each other for our big day. I want them to kinda form a "sisterhood" by way of my wedding. The events are extremely fun and will def call for lots of laughs. I'm excited! I also have made appointments at two different bridal boutiques to try on gowns in February. I'm not taking a crowd with me or any friends. I'm taking my maid of honor, mother and god mothers. If they can all agree on a dress along with my approval, THAT'S THE DRESS! I'm extremely excited to lose weight and to try on dresses. About my dress...I want my dress to be extremely classy with a very small bit of sexy edge. I love sexy edge but my wedding does not call for much sex appeal. My wedding will be nothing other than classy! Every one will be treated like royalty. I don't want people cooking and decorating and all of that at my wedding...I'm going to hire people for that so that each guest will enjoy our day just the same. Aaron and I have been talking about some cute little things and surprises at the wedding. I'm excited, and def not telling a peep about what we have up our sleeve! I'm excited for the next year and six months to come. The world is not ready for #May3rd2014! This blog is not even the half of what our wedding day will be! Please get EXCITED!
As promised the Engagement Party Pictures have returned and I'm ready to share! First before I share I want to take the time to thank each and every person that attended! We really enjoyed the fellowship, kind words and gifts. Please enjoy these pictures and as always we have about 300 or so shots so if you want to see more please email me at!
Also, weight loss update! I'm down 5.2 pounds. That's awesome for week 1! I'm extremely motivated, this week I'm adding some working out to the mix! Stay tuned for more pounds loss!
The enagement party is over! It was so much fun! Everyone that showed up raved over how great of time they had. We had about 65 to 70 guests. It started out over whelming but it ended a tons of fun! We had our photographer shoot pictures, which aren't back yet. As soon as the pictures are back ill be sure to do a post with further detail. Well now that that's over I'm on to my "next big thing"! Getting this body right to walk down the isle to my babe. I joined weight watchers! I said to myself, if I can commit to marry I can commit to look awesome. So my first goal is -25lbs by February 2013. I think that's extremely resonable. That's just about four and a half months to loose 25lbs. Pray for me! I'm trying. So as I gradually learn to eat right I will begin to incorporate some excersise. I don't want to scare myself. I'm excited. I'll do a weekly post with my progress. Operation "wedding body" is now in motion!
I really want everything at the wedding to be meaningful and personable. Two things I love too see at weddings are flowers withe meaning and signature drinks. They're cute touches that I love and really want to have at my wedding. Well first up the flowers.... I only want fresh flowers at my wedding. They can be expensive but extremely worth it. I did my research and I wanted flower other than roses that represented things of Aaron and my relationship. I also wanted season appropriate flowers. I like roses but they're expected at weddings and a bit over priced. So I think I'm going with peonies. They come in multiple pinks/blush tones and white which will be gorgeous with my midnight, black, and white color scheme. The peony flower represent "happy life happy marriage" which is perfect for a wedding! I also want to mix hydrangeas in with my peonies. Hydrangeas come in a periwinkle blue, white and pink. They represent perseverance. These two flower combinations represent two things I hope to have throughout my marriage.
Now for these signature cocktails! I have already created mine. It's so yummy and sweet just like a peach. I haven't thought of a name yet and I'm not telling the recipe but I know everyone is going to love it. Aaron hasn't thought of his yet but I think it should be smooth and strong just like him! He's working on it... The signature drinks will be served during cocktail hour to our wedding guests along with fruit and cheese. I really want the signature drink to serve as a conversation piece for our guests. We will also serve the signature drinks during the open bar hours at our reception. I want the drinks to looks nice and pretty...maybe in some sort of cute display. Presentation is everything! What drink ideas do you have or have had at a wedding? Do share....
So as you know our engagement party is approaching and approaching fast! October 13th at 6:30pm our families will meet and come together to be apart of our special day. So I've been working extra hard to help my mom make this successful. From planning menus to decorations to invites...I've helped with it outfit is all taken care of and it is fierce! Kinda KimYe inspired and I'm excited about that. Aaron and I are also taking more engagement pics that day since we will be dressed in more dressy attire. Can you get excited!?! My coordinator and cousin have been helping so much. I'm so grateful for them...they're working like its then getting married and I can't do enough to show how thankful I am! So...this blog is where we go live. My cousin has created a iPhone app for our wedding and a website! That girl is on the ball. Follow her and my coordinator on Instagram @iamebonyangel and @bumblebeemick a Mother and daughter team that I couldn't live without right now!
First up, the iPhone App. So my Brittany created this wonderful wedding app. It's for pictures only. It's our way of seeing our wedding and wedding events from the eyes of others. How cool is that!? The app is called "Wedding Party" it looks like the above icon. You have to create a user name and password and our wedding parties name is AaronLovesAshlie. Download it and take pictures at the wedding events and please upload them so the world can see our wedding journey. The pictures will alo automatically stream to our website which is up next...
My Brittany again...created this beautiful website for Aaron and myself. ( It's awesome! The website is a way to learn more about our wedding and what upcoming events we will be having. The website does have a cute blog she created with some questions Aaron and I answered. Please write in the guest book if you visit so that we will know you were there.
With the world going super technical and virtual we wanted to keep our wedding as up to speed as possible. My lovely coordinator/ big cousin created these reminder cards for guests at our engagement party to have. The reminder cards have the wedding date, our app info, blog and wedding website. That way people won't have to try and remember how to find us online. Also if you're on Instagram don't forget to hashtag all your pictures from our wedding events #may3rd2014 so that the world can see #may3rd2014 is a SERIOUS MATTER!
Last but not least...I brought some cute little ideas to life for this engagement party. I got mini cards made for song requests at the wedding. I will also have these at the wedding and different events to get as many request as possible prior to the big day...Cute little cards to make everyone feel apart of our special day. Also at the engagement party I made cute little gifts to officially ask my wedding party to be apart of my big day. I asked them but nothing has been official. I bought them root beer sodas that have labels that personally ask them to take part in our day. My wonderful aunt made chocolates with our picture on them and I also have a few games up my sleeve to engage the families.
Sooo go check out all these fun apps and websites. Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Special thanks to everyone making these things for us you're the best from the east to the west!
Aaron and I have been together about five years now. It's been a long five years but we're making it. As stated in previous posts we're most definitely seeking marriage counseling for at least a year prior to the wedding. We need it. Our backgrounds are completely different but the foundation of love we were brought up on is what bonds us together. I stop and thank god everyday that we haven't had any "other girl/guy" issues. It's been me and him since day one. If there has been someone else I've never felt disrespected nor has he. I'm saying this to say....the success of our relationship is built on the foundation set before us. In past relationships I've delt with "others" and you spend most of the relationship accusing and assuming rather than enjoying each other. I'm happy to say we've had five years of enjoyment and a life time to come. I'm no relationship expert, just speaking from experience. A lot of people ask us how we got here and to make it's been AARON and ASHLIE since day one. Nobody has had the oppurtunity of knowing our business or sharing our relationship. Relationships should be intimate no matter who they're with! It's just better that way...

Also, I want to thank everyone for reading. It means the world to me. Everywhere I go people tell me how much they're enjoying my wedding blog. From work, to the mall, to family functions, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. The love shown doesn't go unnoticed! I'm just happy to be able to share a once in a life time journey with friends family and my social media babes! Please if you have any suggestions or topics for my blog or our wedding email us! or comment.