Hey love bugs! It's been quite a long time since I've updated my blog, but I'm still here and the wedding plans are all falling into place! I am done planning! I don't have anything aspect of the wedding that is not planned with the exception of the menu, but that's not anything major. The month of October was dedicated to my girls. This month we pretty much locked in what they would be wearing and we also purchased the dresses. Everyone is ready and set for the big day!
I'm sure most of you watched Nene's wedding. Of course I did! It was a little over the top for me but the look of the wedding was EVERYTHING to me! I loved it....It just looked royal and everyone looked awesome that attended and that were in the wedding. What stuck out the most to me was her bridesmaids, they were all in the same color but they all had their on individual style. I loved that! It's 2013 nobody really wants to have to wear a "uniform" in your wedding. Watching Nene's wedding let me know I am right on track with my girls. I'm not all about the matchy matchy. As long as the dresses were the same color and material I was good.
Thankfully my girls all picked dresses that will work well with their body type. I also gave them the opportunity to pick their own shoes as long as they were all the same color. I mean I know what I like, but what I like may not be what they like. Plus, comfort is everything...if they aren't comfortable they won't look comfortable. So they're all wearing nude color shoes of their choice. I told them to get creative with their shoes, I'm a shoes person so fancy shoes are necessary. Fancy shoes make for a beautiful shoe picture with my girls! So far about 4 of my girls have their shoes and so far they are stunning! I'm so excited for this to come to life. I love how they're taking my idea and my dream and incorporating their personality.

So...the girls are just about done with the serious stuff. It's all fun and games from this point forward! I have a really big something planned for them in January to kick off the year of the wedding and to kick off the party! They have their dress, I finally have my dress and my momma even has her dress! We are ready to have a wedding! 185 Days to go!!! So with nothing else to do I'm focusing on becoming a healthier me! I'm already down inches and pounds, no numbers necessary just look for a new and improved me. Tootles...