Hey Girls! Happy New Year! I'm so excited to be just about 100 days away from our big day! I cannot believe how time is flying. We are actually having a ball tying things up and making it happen day by day. Where are we?!? I'm all over the place to be honest, finalizing invites, bridesmaids dress, menus, bridal shower attire. I'm a million and three places at once literally but I'm doing it! 

This month I wanted to kick off my wedding fun with a bang. Of course I have my quarterly meetings with my girls and I have loved getting together with them just to discuss the wedding and have fun. This last meeting was a little different though...Wasn't what I would call a meeting but you can certainly call it a ball! I don't think you all are ready.....My girls and I took boudoir pictures. With my wedding coming and Valentine's Day coming, I mean why not?!? We had an absolute BALL!   

I honestly cannot describe the fun we had. It felt like we were in high school being crazy all over again. We all got nice and creative with our pictures and the photographer was great. After many ups and downs with the photographer I ended up using Melanie of Mehli Photography. Check her out on Facebook and please please book her for all your kinky and fun photography needs. 

As the bride I felt it was important for my girls and myself to bond. May 3rd will soon be just a blurr that most of us won't remember because we were having that much fun. What we will remember are the laughs, ups and downs, and good time we have had throughout this process. I thought this was a great way to kick off the wedding fun since the dresses are ordered and the wedding day is basically planned. Check out some of our pics below. Yep, most of the pictures of cropped because these aren't for everyone's eyes to see. I'm really happy to have had this experience, although I am on a journey to drop the pounds this really helped me to love who I am regardless of what others may think or have to say and not to toot my own horn but now I see some of what Aaron loves about me as well...lol. 
Signing off...-Ash


Lyn a.k.a "lil Kim"
01/21/2014 7:50pm

So excited for the big day is right around the corner!!! Love you so much thank you for allowing me to experience these moments with you I'll cherish them forever!! :)

Ashley M
01/23/2014 8:47am

I love reading your blog!! Sounds like you all had a great time and the pictures look great!!


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