What's up!? So I'm sitting here listening to my music. It has been a few weeks! Happy New Year! So since the new year I've been going hard trying to meet my goals and planning this wedding! I had a mini revelation about this wedding. While I want everything to be fabulous I also want to walk away from my wedding with some money in the bank. So I'm still doing my vintage chic theme, but from a "less is more" stand point. I plan on making my own favors which are will still be jaw dropping but a lot cheaper. Those are a surprise. I need them to remain original until after May 3rd 2014! LOL I'm just going another route with this wedding. I'm excited...because even with my "less is more" standpoint, it will still be jaw dropping and absolutely amazing. While I'm planning my little heart out I'm still doing a lot. We are saving to buy a house! How exciting to get married home owners. Apartments are cool, but it’s hustling backwards at our age. I'm also still growing my hair and it is growing fast! I've found my hair inspiration and I should be there by summer. In addition to those things I'm still working on my weight and I'm also working on my skin. I've been in the gym 4 days a week and I've been focused on my weight watchers. I have a twice a day skin regiment and it’s working great! So far everything looks great! I can't complain. I'm keeping it short tonight....Next up, Wedding Dress Shopping February 2nd.

Check out my skin with minimal make up and of course my hair growth!

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