Heyy! It's late..but something has been wearing my brain out for the past few days so I decided to do a blog about it. So I get asked all the time "Who is your best friend?" and I always answer I don't really have one of those. My friends have been my friends for years...we are all from the same area, we all know each other's familes, and we are always together even when we aren't together. But I don't really refer to any of them as a "best friend." It seems to elementary but everyone has a best friend, right? I mean so I've been asking my self..."who is my best friend?" I kinda have myself wondering now, lol. So, what exactly is a best friend...Your best friend you share secrets with, your best friend is at your lowest point and at you highest point with you, your best friend plucks your last nerve, your best friend is the person you experience a lot of "firsts" with and a lot of "lasts" with. So when I think about it while I've expeireiced alot with my girls nothing comes close to what my babe and I have had these last five years. There's been a lot of highs and many lows in our realtionship. We've had a lot of firsts together and he will be there for the lasts. When I'm making a fool of myself he's right there laughing and when he's telling a horrible joke I'm right there laughing. We argue, we fuss, we get on each others nerves constantly. He knows me and I know him. Clearly....I'M MARRYING MY BEST FRIEND!

brandy page
03/11/2013 9:08pm

I love it!

Marcus Wilson
04/07/2013 9:54am

glad to see you happy cousin. nothing like black love when its true..


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