What's Up? The blog update I have been anxiously waiting for! O M freakin' G! So after all the mix ups and drama the save the date is finally ready! I'm so excited. So... as I said, I've been wrecking my brain since about fall 2012 about how and what exactly I wanted my save the date to be. It really had me worried. I like really creative things and I like things to be kind of a big deal at all times. I also wanted to do something that would reach all crowds and age groups. So I said let's mix a little of their old school with a little of our new school! But I still had no clue how I wanted to do so. One day back in February, it was a snow day at Bank of America so I was sent home early I got on YouTube and searched "save the date," I don't know what made me do it but I did...and BABY let me tell you...The wheels started turning and they haven't stopped since! The light bulbs went off like fireworks and I saw my save the date vision come to life. I immediately called Aaron and I called my cousin to get their opinion. Everyone fell in love with the ideas. I knew it was for us! So then there was another hang up. Who in the world knows how to put anything on YouTube? How will I get my people to look at YouTube? So I started working at it again. I googled my life away. Finally I found what I was looking for. I said well who will make this for me again? I'm no graphic artist. This thing was beating me up on the inside.
I was kind of feeling like I could do this thing myself but I was kind of feeling like I don't want my save the date to look "live from the kitchen". If you know me then you know my big brother is an entertainer in Atlanta so I contacted him like "Yooooooo." he hit me back and supplied exactly who I needed and at the right price. He put me in contact with Ahmed of Black Wunda Films and he was saying everything I wanted to hear. It was like an instant connection. He saw my vision and knew what to do to make things happen. Then I contacted my brother from another "D" of D'zines by Danon and he also was feeling my vision. The prices were right and we brought this thing to life. So I know you're wondering "what is this save the date already?!?" Wait for it.....
Meanwhile, in order for the graphics to look right I felt like new pictures were necessary so Aaron and I took more pictures using our 2nd wedding photographer Johkari Trueheart of JT photography. Yep, 2nd photographer. I mean....I need all angles of my wedding so two was necessary, but any who...With my recent hair growth I thought it was appropriate to bring this up to date. This pictures turned out perfect. We went to Maymount Park's Japanese Garden and had a blast! The whole time we're taking pictures I'm praying to sweet baby Jesus that my save the dates come out as I want them to be.
This whole save the date action took place on a Sunday by Wednesday of that week snippets and results began rolling in and everything looked perfect! I honestly couldn't believe it because contrary to popular belief I don't live in a perfect world! I was so excited...I'm still excited. If this is any indication of how my wedding with go and marriage will go I'm ALL IN! So here goes...
On YouTube.com there were many many video save the dates from photo videos, to live videos to cartoons. I wanted a video for my save the date. As you know our wedding is at Richmond's Center Stage where many shows come and live performances. I wanted my save the date to reflect my venue. So I went with the video. Along with the video I mailed to all of my guests a "movie flyer" the movie flyer which directed them to watch our "movie" on YouTube.com. Kind of clever right?
D did an awesome job on the "movie flyer". It looks just as I envisioned it using our wedding colors Midnight, Ivory and Blush Pink.  Above is the back and front of our movie flyer. Of course I ordered custom envelopes to send them in...they turned out cute as well. This is where the drama began...The first company I went with to print them jacked them all up, had words cut off and all types of wild things. I was steaming hot, then the envelope company sent the wrong size envelopes. Keep in mind I addressed the envelopes long before the print company jacked the flyers up. So I had to call and lay a few people out, preached a few funerals....all types of wild things! Non the less I got everything squared away with a few delays but we're here. Shooting the actual video was amazing! Ahmed is awesome, he literally bought out the best in us for this video. We shot the video at my home, my mom has the house decorated very vintage but still chic and it picked up our theme nicely!  Don't judge me, I don't have any rhythm at ALL! We decided to do a music video to Marvin Gaye ft. Tammie Terell "You're All I need to Get By" I think we did awesome! My goals was for my guest to save the date but also not forget the date! Please please please go watch our video and leave comments to let us know you saw it! I hope you enjoy! Peace.

Laura Evans
01/18/2014 5:51pm

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