13 more months to go....Still a little while but time is flying. So I've been working away at this wedding like a slave pretty much by myself. The list is getting a lot smaller and the time is winding closer but not close enough. Apart of me wishes to move the date up the other part is happy I waited. I'm a perfectionist and I can't work under rushed conditions; not to mention at the time of my engagement my dad had and still has some serious health issues that are far more important than any wedding. Thankfully and prayerfully he has come around and we are well on our way to a wedding!
As you know my wedding theme is vintage chic. The whole vintage piece has me amped. I have been stalking my local thrift stores for a particular type of glass vase and I have been very successful. I'm learning the smaller surrounding county thrift stores have the best selection. Unfortunately I will not disclose exactly what I'm looking for until after the wedding. I will say it was extremely classy back in the day and its a specialty. I have a team hunting for these vases and so far we have found about 25 within the last two months. I need about 10 more to complete what I have. I have people in the DMV area looking, Charlottesville, and Richmond. I am also collecting jars for my wedding. Any kind of glass jar without the lid. I'm talking jam jars, sphagetti sauce jars, candle jars, any type of jar! I need... The jars haven't been that easy to come across but push come to shove ill buy what's necessary for those. The jars are apart of my decor but they aren't for flower arrangements, they're accent pieces to really bring out the rustic feel of our vintage theme.
I've also been wrecking my brain for this save the date. So I finally came up with an idea and built a team of talented individuals to help me implement my vision. My save the date brings out my wedding location, our wedding them, and the silliness of our love and relationship. I'm excited, so with this save the date we decided on more engagement pictures that are a little more fun. Again, I won't be disclosing exactly what the save the date is but they will be mailed out between 10-12 months prior to the wedding. My save the dates will also include lodging info and wedding info because the bulk of our guests are from out of town.
So we have 13 months to go and as of right now the only things I'm left to do is...pick my 2nd photographer, food tasting at my venu, and find wedding shoes. I'm a planner, I plan to have this wedding finished by September 2013 so that October-April I can coast and enjoy being a bride to be with my bridesmaids. I cannot wait for Aaron and I to share this special day with our families. My goal is to not only have a great time at my wedding but to also provide a time where my family can come and enjoy the day with me. I could have easily envolved my whole family and rushed through my wedding, but I want everyone to enjoy my day with me and I wanted to do this the debt free way. Hold your horses, the wedding is coming and will be worth the wait! -Bye

04/07/2013 10:38pm

I love your blog! I have a few mutual friends , one in particular Ceonna. But anyway. Your blog makes me feel like I'm not alone in this wedding process. I want my wedding to be a night to remember. Thanks for sharing your ideas & input. Now I don't feel so much alone.

04/08/2013 12:53pm

Thank you!!!! Email if you would like to swap ideas or if you're ever stuck... it's hard talking to people who aren't physically going through the process! Have FUN!!!!

04/10/2013 7:51am

Thanks so much girl! I'm pretty sure I'll be taking you up on it soon!

05/21/2013 7:46pm

Aaw i <3 it....it's cute #blacklove


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