Seasons Greetings love bugs! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves this holiday season. While we spend so much time getting caught up in the gift buying and holiday hustle please remember Jesus is the reason for the season. This season is a time of fellowship, love and thanksgiving. I plan on doing just that, I haven't bought the first gift. I'm just not feeling all of that right now with 140 days until my big day! While I have everything planned, I'm still finding myself extremely busy. It's hard work locking everything down and revisiting what you've already planned to insure it's what you really want. But the hard work is worth it. Some things you can't cut corners on and this is one of them. I mean really, you only plan to get married once. So you may as well go about it in the right way and have things just as you desire.
So, I've pretty much nailed down everything. Even the guys have their tuxedos now. I revamped my décor and it is more fitting to my modern vintage theme. I'm excited to work with Mrs. Armwood of Master's Touch Florist to bring my décor to life. She and I have been back and forth to the venue and finally we have are final plans and I honestly can't wait for everyone to see it. I also finally got the nerve to try on my wedding gown. It's breath taking, to say the least. I was so nervous because I initially bought my dress to small in hopes that I would drop a few pounds. I kind of got off to a late start on my weight loss journey, I have to be honest. Thankfully I've finally got going and things are seriously changing. Old clothes are now fitting and things just look better. I'm extremely pleased. Weight loss is not a fast process, this has taught me a lot of patience and endurance. Many brides face these issues and all are not successful. Through instagram I have been blessed to link up with Trainer Maria Jones owner of Body By Maria and she has worked my butt off these past three months. Maria is no joke! She's everything I need If not more...I certainly suggest you follow her on instagram for lots of great tips and tricks.
Working out with Maria I've lost 16 pounds and 4 inches from my waist. I'm also happy to say, my wedding dress is too big! Can you believe it? After all that grief, it's completely too large. I was so excited I could have kissed the bridal consultant at Bella Rosa Bridal after she helped me in my dress. I have been eating right for the most part and working out consistently. This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I'm doing it. So, of course I'm all nervous now because I don't want any alteration drama. After speaking with the alterations department at Bella Rosa, they're able to take my dress in up to 10 sizes without altering the over all look of the dress. That was also exciting new, because my dress has to look right. This is a once in a life time day. Everything has to be exceptional. My gut is going down, that pouch is becoming a thing of the past! I cannot complain. When I walk down the aisle, you will know this body is by Maria! Right now I personal train once a week and I attend her "Butts and Gutts" classes! If you're in Richmond, join in some of the fun with me.

I'm excited about my weight loss. I'm excited it's all coming together. I really cannot wait for the day to come. I'm savoring every moment of this experience. It's getting better and better each day. We also were able to lock down our main wedding photographer Courtney from Through My Lynnz photography. With our wedding package came a free engagement shoot and since we've had so many we just took some nice holiday pictures. She did an awesome job. I'm happy we went with her and I certainly cannot wait for her to capture our big day. Check out some of the pictures we took below. It was fun! Please check out Courtney at Once again Merry Christmas, Signing Off -- Ash


12/18/2013 2:07pm

Hey boo! Had to check out your blog and i'm not surprised it is so cute!
So excited for you and your husband...might as well call him that cause it's coming up real soon! Keep up the gym work, you at home stretch and you look great! Good Luck! :)

Lyn a.k.a "lil Kim"
01/21/2014 7:46pm

So excited for the big day is right around the corner!!! Love you so much thank you for allowing me to experience these moments with you I'll cherish them forever!! :)


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