So it's been a minute! What's up!?! I've been wrecking my brain about the struggles of finding the right dress. In all honesty I can imagine everything about my wedding and how I want everything to be but I cannot imagine myself in an all white dress. I don't wear white often and when I do it's not by choice. Well this time it's by default because I'm the bride LOL! So first I had to choose who I wanted to take with me to pick out dresses. I love my bridal party but I really don't even want them to know what my dress looks like until the day of the wedding. So I chose three people in addition to the people who have to be there such as my sister and my mother. These people were chosen based on their style and our relationship. I'm huge on relationships with people...It is important to have a relationship with people. You never know who you may need or who may need you. Okay enough of that. I chose two ladies that are near and dear to my heart and a friend. One of the ladies I chose because she is 50+ club but she is so cute and quirky to be her age. She also has been through a lot in life and no matter what lemons thrown her way she always make lemonade. I can't even say I have seen her truly upset. She's taught me so much, almost like a second mother to me. I appreciate her and I know she will cherish this moment with me forever. The 2nd person I chose is my god mother. This lady is straight up and down like 6 o'clock sharp. I love it. She does not cut any slack and she will tell you exactly what it is. She is also 50+ and fly in a conservative way. I chose her because she is one my god mother and two she has two sons so she may not have the opportunity to dress shop with anyone. I love her attitude and I also know with my being as fancy as I am her conservative edge will bring my back down to the reality of what really looks good and what really is too much! Last but not least my girl. She's my pride and joy, we talk every single day. I wouldn’t call her my best friend but she's one of my best friends! We talk all day about everything and more importantly fashion. This girl will push it to the limit! She is always up on the latest and the greatest and her edgy and up to date style is necessary for my wedding dress shopping. In addition to my three guests my mom and sister will be coming. My mom is conservative along with my sister. My sister kind of knows me though so I'm not concerned about her opinion and I'm almost sure she will go in this with an eye for what looks like me. My mom on the other hand will have me looking like a catholic priest if I let her. I'm joking...but my mom is really conservative. She always looks great but she looks at things as if she were looking for herself. It's cool...I know her. I know she won't lead me in the wrong direction. I'm excited to dress shop with these 5 ladies. I think I'm going to make little judge cards... (YES, NO, HEEEECKKKK NO, and MAYBE). My little say yes to the dress panel. Hopefully this experience will be fun and I will have my dress by the end of the day. We're going to two different bridal boutiques in Richmond, Va. Bella Rosa and Alfred Angelo. Hopefully one of these places have the perfect dress for me. Once my dress is chosen I will update a blog post will pictures of my panel and how things went. I am def not giving very many details of my dress but please believe it's going to be BAD!

Also! While I have been neglecting my blog I also had the opportunity to do a phone interview about being a plus size bride. YaNika Nicholas is the author of the book "Confidence is You". This book is a book of empowerment for the plus size community. I had the pleasure of answering questions and hearing a small portion of her chapter on being a plus size bride and finding the perfect dress. I want to encourage my blog readers to please join her group on FaceBook (Confidence is You) and follow her on Instagram (Confidence_Is_You). The book is scheduled to be released in Jan of 2013 so please buy a copy and support, I know i will be first in line for my copy. I also want to thank her for the opportunity to share my story as a plus size bride and being an inspiration to me and other women who battle with the struggle of weight.


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