The most! I'm known to typically always do the most. Why have one when you can have two? Big or small? I want BIG! That's me....but they want to know what I love the most about my Aaron. Well, what a hard question! I love everything about him. He's everything to me! He's cute charming, loving, funny, super cool, tough and did I mention SEXY. I love him. He gives me butterflies just like he did when I use to go visit him in the hospital when we first met. Very few things in life give me butterflies. I'm extremely hard to excite, but he excites me. Besides all that mushy stuff Aaron takes the time to put up with me. I'm like an apple, I put up a hard fight but I'm mushy on the inside. My hard shell is not easily broken. Most give up before getting to the mushy but Aaron didn't. He got right to the core. It's hard to find a man that accepts the flaws and all. I question why he loves me all the time, But I guess it is not for me to know. I only know why I love him! He's the best, that's why! Whenever I call he comes running. He is well known and respected in our city and I love that. When we started dating it shocked the world, but everyone loves us together. My mouth his attitude....we're like 2012 Bonnie and Clyde! He's what I imagined as happily ever after and forever. My big tough guy!

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