I'm a shoe freak. I live and breath shoes! The latest and the greatest is all I wear on my feet. I have not graduated to red bottoms yet but one day! I'm not a white shoe wearer so that's not an option for the wedding. Plus colored shoes are so daring and so me! I love the thought. You know the saying..."something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." We'll my something blue was going to be my shoes but that's so expected of me with my wedding colors being midnight white and black...but o well, I love the thought of tipping down the isle in blue shoes to my KING! But I don't want really high heels because I want to be comfy and I want to look up to him and short. Short is always cute! I hate to feel taller or even with him. So my mom says wear chuck taylors, Jordan's, Tom's....something kinda quirky that suit us. Eeeeehhhh sounds cute, but I need to be sexy and bride like this day. We will save fun for the reception and honey moon. I'm wearing heels, not high high heels like normal, but heels... At the wedding I'm thinking blue shoes but the reception I want party shoes. My shoes for both have to make a statement. My babe will probably get into some comfy fly sneakers at the wedding once I change into my sexy shoes. I def want some Giuseppe's or some Louboutin's to walk down th isle in. My needs may out weigh my wants, but you never know it could happen! I only plan on doing this once so I want everything that I want. What are your thoughts!? Any cute shoe ideas, email them to me AaronAshlieEvans2014@gmail.com!

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