As you can tell, I'm always up to something. My mind is like a solider and always working! So we're coming up on a year and five months to go. That's no freakin time for a huge wedding. In addition to getting toned and shedding pounds there's a lot more I have to do. I have a whole timeline of events for my bridesmaids just so they can come together and know each other for our big day. I want them to kinda form a "sisterhood" by way of my wedding. The events are extremely fun and will def call for lots of laughs. I'm excited! I also have made appointments at two different bridal boutiques to try on gowns in February. I'm not taking a crowd with me or any friends. I'm taking my maid of honor, mother and god mothers. If they can all agree on a dress along with my approval, THAT'S THE DRESS! I'm extremely excited to lose weight and to try on dresses. About my dress...I want my dress to be extremely classy with a very small bit of sexy edge. I love sexy edge but my wedding does not call for much sex appeal. My wedding will be nothing other than classy! Every one will be treated like royalty. I don't want people cooking and decorating and all of that at my wedding...I'm going to hire people for that so that each guest will enjoy our day just the same. Aaron and I have been talking about some cute little things and surprises at the wedding. I'm excited, and def not telling a peep about what we have up our sleeve! I'm excited for the next year and six months to come. The world is not ready for #May3rd2014! This blog is not even the half of what our wedding day will be! Please get EXCITED!

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