I've been neglecting my wedding blog! My apologies, fall/winter is my season! I love winter/fall fashion. I shop until i drop until literally during this time of year. I'm still planning my wedding and knocking things out slowly but surely. I've finalized the actual ceremony at the Carpenter Theatre's Gatwald Playhouse. I'm extremely excited to get married there. I wanted everything all at one location from the start. I've also decided on my meal options for the receptions. I do not want the typical plated meal or buffet. Instead I'm going with food stations and each station will be themed and the food will be some wild and crazy display. I don't want a sweet heart table instead I want a "royal table" so that Aaron and I can sit with our closest friends and family. We also will have different chef's to service the stations and carve meat for our guests. The chef's at the Carpenter Theatre are coming up with some great ideas for us such as a ice cream bar to go with our wedding cake and mash potato martinis. Next up I have a bridesmaids event for the girls of my wedding to go over the coming year of wedding planning and FUN! I also am down about 8lbs since joining weight watcher 3 weeks ago. Hopefully it wil be 10 lbs by Thanksgiving and my goal of 25 by February when i begin my wedding dress journey. Thanks for reading and keeping my encouraged! I love you all!

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