Hey My Loves! How has everyone been doing? I've been doing awesome, coming up on my deadline and I'm right where I want to be. I've pretty much planned this wedding. I've picked all my vendors and locked in my date with them so we are ready to go with this wedding! The only thing left to do is pick our menu with Center Stage and it's ON! I'm super excited I just can't wait for it all to unfold, but on to the real topic at hand....SMALL DETAILS.
I'm really big on details with anything The details are what set things apart and really take things from good to great. I mean, lets just be honest anyone can put on a white dress, rent a venue and come down the aisle. It's not really about the white dress or the venue. It's about what you did with that white dress and how you made that venue yours for one night that people remember. Those are the things that keep people attentive and it also helps them enjoy the night.

As stated in previous blogs, my theme is more along the lines of a modern vintage feel. I am absolutely in love with this theme because it is full of small details. It reminds me of taking a plain white t-shirt and jazzing it up with a beautiful statement necklace. The base of this theme is super classic and plain but the details take you right over the top.
So  I've been on a quest to make the small details worth while! But how? The big name rental companies don't have vintage furniture and vintage items for rent. Where are these people getting all this stuff? I searched and I googled and I searched some more and I googled more and the skies began to open with retro rental places in Richmond! You can rent anything from bride and groom Victorian seating, to type writers, to vintage couches. I was so excited to discover these things right at my finger tips! I mean seriously when you go to weddings there is a lot to take in at once in a small amount of time. The basics you more than likely skip over but the details you never forget! So why not serve your signature drinks in mason jars? Why not have the bride in groom seated in a vintage love seat? Why not decorate your guest book area with a vintage type writer? Why not make them search for your something blue? I mean after all. you do want this to be a night to remember, right?

With a little over 7 months to go and just about all the big things done for this wedding, I'm mastering my small details. Those are the things that you won't forget. Remember that in life the small details are what get noticed...You won't ever forget May 3rd 2014! Next up, Bridal party meeting this Saturday. Of course they're spoiled Aaron is taking the guys out to dinner while us girls stay home with food I've had catered for them.  This is the final meeting before the dresses are ordered and the tuxedos are rented! It's really coming to life...and I so happy it's all working wonderfully. Until next time, PEACE!


11/01/2013 12:59am

Melanie K.

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