Hey My Loves! The 2013 wedding season is drawing near it's end, Congratulations to all my beautiful brides of 2013! Of course the year isn't over but wedding season is generally from May throughout the month of August. Typically in July the wedding trends for the following year begin to surface and since we are about 10 months out on my wedding I'm really watching the trends closely. Not because I intend on changing anything about my wedding, but because I just want to know if I'm on track or am I marching to the beat of my own drum! I've never been one to follow trends in fact, I've always done my own thing and if it's within the trend, it's within the trend...if not...well then it's not! I'm fine either way...Well after much research, lots of magazines, and blogs it's safe to say one of the main trends for 2014 is the return of "Black Tie"!
If you know me then you know I've always been an old school jewel! If it's not broke don't fix it. I've never been into the watering down of certain things. In example, people have really gotten into not dressing for the occasion...at work we no longer wear business professional attire but we can wear jeans and sneakers, at church the same. I'm over it...I love dressing up! There's nothing like a nice dress or a man in a nice suit. I love it when everyone is looking their absolute best. When you look good usually you feel good. So when I saw the 2014 trend was "Black Tie", I nearly hit the floor! I've been singing black tie since the day I got engaged. I absolutely love black tie attire. What's crazy is I've been getting questioned "What is black tie?" "Am I suppose to wear a black tie?" "Church clothes right?"

...Black tie is what we now call "formal." Since Aaron and myself are having a vintage themed wedding we have opted to use the terms "Black Tie." Back in the 1920's and 1930's "formal" was "Black Tie." There's something about that look I love! There weren't a lot of colors  involved and those colors that were used were those of more regal and royal tones, clean lines, and not a lot of prints. So to know my choice in attire for our wedding party and guests is right on target with the 2014 trends has me totally excited! To answer the many questions though, black tie is not quite church attire, but more dressy. It isn't what I would call formal either....black tie is more of a trendy look. Very classy with some sex appeal, so fellas can opt out of your normal neck ties, and wear a bow tie, or an ascot or even no neck wear at all and the right sports jacket. For ladies, typically pants aren't appropriate, but instead we should wear longer length dresses with lower necklines with beautiful jewelry.  When I think of black tie attire it always takes my mind to the Oscars. Everyone always comes to the Oscars looking awesome. Our wedding is not an Oscar event, there won't be a red carpet or flashing lights but it will be a night you won't forget. I certainly look forward to seeing all of our guests in they're beautiful attire. Both of us come from well dressed families so I am not concerned about them showing off! Until next time....-Ash

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