Wedding planning is some what stressful but extremely fun at the same time. As everyone knows, I'm over the top, extra, extreme, all of that. I love big, gaudy, statement wow factor stuff. I love being stand out. I have to turn heads and grab attention at all you know the wedding will be all of the above. I picked a theme...vintage urban chic! Ha, I made that up. But vintage because back in the day glam, bling, patterns, and sass was pretty much all that you saw and I love that! Urban because when you think of urban you think trendsetter, fashion forward, out there, envelope pusher if you will and I love to push the envelope not to mention my babe is a city boy! Chic, that brings it all back in. When you think chic you think less is more but very trendy after all this is a wedding so it can't be but so over the top. So that's the wrap on my theme I made up. My wedding venue has been chosen already, I chose the historical Carpenter Theater in Richmond, Virginia. I went with this location because even without decorations my theme was immediately bought to life. It was recently remodeled and brought back to life and I love it! My wedding is an after five affair so guests will wear bowties and gowns. My decor will be all white everything. I went with all white because I'm having a spring wedding and white is so clean and spring like. My flowers will be a nice colorful mix to bring the decor back to life. Everything will be candlelit from the wedding to the reception. I want to set the mood and what better way than thru lighting! So there's a run down if how my wedding will look and feel. Any ideas of how I could bring my theme to life?! Please share, I'm open to every idea.

08/23/2012 5:41pm

I loveeeee it!!!!

09/18/2012 12:31pm



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