So as you know our engagement party is approaching and approaching fast! October 13th at 6:30pm our families will meet and come together to be apart of our special day. So I've been working extra hard to help my mom make this successful. From planning menus to decorations to invites...I've helped with it outfit is all taken care of and it is fierce! Kinda KimYe inspired and I'm excited about that. Aaron and I are also taking more engagement pics that day since we will be dressed in more dressy attire. Can you get excited!?! My coordinator and cousin have been helping so much. I'm so grateful for them...they're working like its then getting married and I can't do enough to show how thankful I am! So...this blog is where we go live. My cousin has created a iPhone app for our wedding and a website! That girl is on the ball. Follow her and my coordinator on Instagram @iamebonyangel and @bumblebeemick a Mother and daughter team that I couldn't live without right now!
First up, the iPhone App. So my Brittany created this wonderful wedding app. It's for pictures only. It's our way of seeing our wedding and wedding events from the eyes of others. How cool is that!? The app is called "Wedding Party" it looks like the above icon. You have to create a user name and password and our wedding parties name is AaronLovesAshlie. Download it and take pictures at the wedding events and please upload them so the world can see our wedding journey. The pictures will alo automatically stream to our website which is up next...
My Brittany again...created this beautiful website for Aaron and myself. ( It's awesome! The website is a way to learn more about our wedding and what upcoming events we will be having. The website does have a cute blog she created with some questions Aaron and I answered. Please write in the guest book if you visit so that we will know you were there.
With the world going super technical and virtual we wanted to keep our wedding as up to speed as possible. My lovely coordinator/ big cousin created these reminder cards for guests at our engagement party to have. The reminder cards have the wedding date, our app info, blog and wedding website. That way people won't have to try and remember how to find us online. Also if you're on Instagram don't forget to hashtag all your pictures from our wedding events #may3rd2014 so that the world can see #may3rd2014 is a SERIOUS MATTER!
Last but not least...I brought some cute little ideas to life for this engagement party. I got mini cards made for song requests at the wedding. I will also have these at the wedding and different events to get as many request as possible prior to the big day...Cute little cards to make everyone feel apart of our special day. Also at the engagement party I made cute little gifts to officially ask my wedding party to be apart of my big day. I asked them but nothing has been official. I bought them root beer sodas that have labels that personally ask them to take part in our day. My wonderful aunt made chocolates with our picture on them and I also have a few games up my sleeve to engage the families.
Sooo go check out all these fun apps and websites. Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Special thanks to everyone making these things for us you're the best from the east to the west!

Krystal Pride
10/03/2012 7:54pm

From the app to your website everything about you and Aaron excite me! So happy for y'all! "Love reminds you that nothing else matters."

10/04/2012 11:05am

Love this!!!

10/04/2012 2:51pm

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE reading these updates! I think your mom is right be quirky and unique( chuck Taylor's) so loving the thought of that. I haven't seen that at any weeding I have been to. But I know you have something planned that is going to be FEIRCE!!!


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