Setting the tone at my wedding is extremely important to me. A wedding ceremony to me should be sacred. You can't expect people to respect the sacredness of your wedding if you don't ever set the tone. So for my ceremony I'm creating a sacred ambiance. As I've shared before the entire wedding will be dimly lit by candles. The candles set the tone for an evening wedding as well as a sacred wedding. Perfect! In addition to the lighting I will also have two specific types of music at my wedding to set the tone to match the ambiance. My sister suggested we use some sort of string instrument. I hadn't ever heard any sort of string instrument at a wedding but I'm open to ideas. I did some research and it sounds absolutely gorgeous! Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen or heard at a wedding. It will do exactly what I want it to do for my wedding ceremony. I'm having a harpist play at my wedding and a jazz pianist to assist my two soloist. Have you ever heard a harpist at a wedding? Absolutely breath taking. I tear up at the sound. When you have a moment please check out this link: . I'm so glad my sister suggested this. It will bring a very different element to my wedding while still providing the traditional feel of a wedding. I'm so excited! Any suggestions, leave a comment or email us at:

09/02/2012 11:34am

This is going to be BEAUTIFUL!


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